Announcing Tiny Email Course

It’s my pleasure to announce the upcoming launch of my online course site on HTML emails coding. It’s called Tiny Email Course. And it will be, as the name suggests, small courses on very specific email coding topics. The first course will release in June September. 🤞

I’ve been willing to launch an email course for so many years. But it felt huge and daunting. Email development is such a vast topic. Building one complete course felt impossible to me. For years, I thought about writing a book. I even pitched one to A Book Apart in 2018, but it was unfortunately rejected. (Now that the publisher is closing, I guess I can check that off my bucket list.)

And that’s when I got the idea! I’m not going to make one course. I’m going to make multiple ones! Short courses, focused on a specific email development topic, at an affordable price. Thus was born the idea of Tiny Email Course.

The first course will be all about Outlook (or The Outlooks, as I like to call them). Outlook is such a challenging beast in the email world that it feels natural to start there. The course aims to be interesting for both new and veteran email developers. It will cover topics like using tables, conditional comments, mso properties and VML.

I can’t reveal the price just yet, but my goal is to make it as affordable as possible, something you can pay out of your own pocket.

I’m deep in the final preparations at the moment. And it’s both exciting and intimidating to launch something like this. After launching Can I email five years ago, this is a new step and a bet for the future for me and my tiny agency at Tilt Studio. And I hope you’ll join me on this tiny adventure!