Rémi Parmentier

Oh hi! My name is Rémi Parmentier and I’m an…

Email Developer

I run the website CanIEmail.com, I write articles like The Fab Four Technique and give conferences like Thinking Outside the <table>.

I coded my first email in 2006. In 2008, I co-founded my own web development agency in France: Tilt Studio. I like to create fun experimental emails, big email systems and simple, well-coded emails.

If you’re interested to work with me at Tilt Studio, get in touch at rparmentier@tilt-studio.fr.

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Here are a few examples of emails I worked on.


I coded the template for the french news media Bulletin.fr. Including an interactive quiz that works in webmails like Yahoo! Mail or Outlook.com. Built for forced dark modes. Got featured on Really Good Emails.


I designed and coded the template for the monthly newsletter of Opquast, the Web Quality and UX checklist. Minimalist, text-based design, and features a complete dark mode support.

About Tilt Studio

Tilt Studio is a small team of four front-end and back-end web developers.

We build hand crafted web sites. We work with clients on maintaining their sites and coding their commercial operations. We code responsive and interactive emails. And we also provide code audits and HTML emails workshops. Overall, we care about accessibility and web performance.

We’re a small team of four people, and we intend to keep it that way. We can focus on doing what we want to do: web and email development.

We’re the ones who code. The people you talk to are the people who work on your project. When you have a question, we know what we are talking about.

We’re working at the office or at home, monday to friday, from 9am to 6pm (Paris time). We respect those hours, for us, for our employees, but also for our closed ones.

Visit tilt-studio.fr

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